BARE it all!

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There are many kinds of painting platforms to select from when you are painting and purchasing artwork. I prefer to use stretched canvas, canvas that is stretched over a wooden frame, usually about 2cm thick. What this leaves you is an additional edge along the perimeter of the front painting surface.

There are different options as a painter here.

  • leave it blank
  • paint it a solid color
  • paint ‘around the edges’

I have experimented with all three, mostly the latter two and my preference is to ‘paint around the edges’.

There are several reasons I prefer this method.

  1. The painting can hang on the wall bare, no frame necessary.
  2. It gives a 3D look to the painting.
  3. The focus is always the painting
  4. It gives more surface for the painting

To me, the painting is the focus and thus I don’t want it obstructed or ‘toned down’ by a frame. You know that the frame that you put around a painting or a picture can change the highlights and feel of the picture. With a bare painting, you have nothing to change the view of the painting and can enjoy and appreciate just the work.

This does not mean that I entirely dislike frames, just that I am in a place where I want the focus to be entirely on the work, to allow the observer to ‘jump into’ the work and feel the peace that I feel when I paint it.

SO, BARE it all, let those EDGES SHOW!

Happy Painting!


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