….red, blue, black, orange, yellow…..ANY COLOR your heart desires!

Painting is so relaxing and calming. The best thing about it is that for each and every person, content and subject is different, individual and personal. Think about some of the greats….Picasso, Van Gogh, Pollock, Mondrain, Monet, Gauguin, Kandinsky…to name just some of my favorites. Each of these artists had a style that was theirs, a style that you see through their work and life span adapt, experiment and change, showing how their art was maturing and taking shape as they explored their passion.

As a child, I was always fascinated with the well-known, Bob Ross. I would just watch his shows, mesmerized by the calm, the peace, and the ‘happy little trees’. To this day, I will pop one on every so often. I encourage you to do the same. Landscapes have always been my favorite to paint. I’m not as confident painting people or animals, or even really close up plants or trees, but I challenge myself every so often to try to get better at areas that I find myself not as confident.

So, pick up a brush and some paints and give it a try! Let your own imagination be your guide. Don’t judge your work based on a preconceived notion of what “painting should be like” because painting is YOU. It is the feeling inside that comes out as you move the brush along the canvas. And….worst case…..paint over it and start again.